Defeatist Booking presents:

Furia (experimental black metal – PL)

Leading the impressive Silesian (Katowice region) Black Metal scene with the Let The World Burn Coalition, Furia never stopped innovating and pushing the boundaries of their style since their formation in 2003, mixing its early raw black metal with more varied sonic landscapes, more reverb and Polish Folk elements. Led by Nihil (Massemord, Morowe), Furia released one of the most interesting Black Metal albums of the decade, “Księżyc milczy luty”. Furia is currently working on an EP, awaiting its release in early 2020 on Pagan Records.

Furia‘s new album “Księżyc milczy luty” showcases why they are the flagship band of the Let The World Burn coalition; Furia are perhaps the most fully-realized project to come out of this camp, and you can hear why on “Za ćmą, w dym.” The guitar that enters the atmosphere at 4:28 rips the song wide open. The effect is stunning.” – bandcamp daily

Opening acts:

Licho (black metal – PL)

Rotheads (death metal – RO)

25 septembrie – Underworld Bucharest – 25 lei

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