Suntem fericiți să vă prezentăm piesa “Marea Cea Mare”, ultima de pe albumul “ZI”, prima noastră piesă compusă în colaborare cu o altă trupă, prietenii noștri de la Thy Veils. Videoclipul a fost creat de “creierul” Thy Veils, Daniel Dorobanțu.

nbtv“Marea Cea Mare” – a gorgeous, gossamer waft of guitar and female vocals that will leave you wondering where they’re headed next.” – Team Rock / Metal Hammer

“The album closer, the epic ‘Marea Cea Mare’, an album standout and a masterpiece of melodic, ambient pagan metal.” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“The closing ‘Marea Cea Mare’ gives us more to meditate upon than just the ending of an album or the finale of the second part of a trilogy. It reminds us of the reverence that music can inspire in the listener, not just for the music that whirls by but for the world that inspires and allows the music to be created in the first place.” – Pop Matters

“ZI” is then drawn to a close by ‘Marea Cea Mare’, the longest track on the album and one that is utterly delightful, creating a huge ambient sonic soundscape full of different emotions and subtle textures. It moves for the most part at a glacial pace but enthrals throughout, particularly thanks to the introduction of smooth and dreamy female vocals.” – The Blog of Much Metal

“A song that tends to raise you up in the clouds and walk you through the stars, then hurl you into the Cosmos so you can return to your own SELF.” – Cultartes Magazine

[…] “Marea Cea Mare” which in our opinion chronicles the album in an almost perfect way. If you were to hear one thing to sum this album up, it would be this track. Its full of moments of immense beauty […]” – The Revival Music

Noul album, “ZI”, a fost lansat oficial pe 30 septembrie, în câteva ediții extraordinare:
– CD digipak with extra hard cover
– Gatefold LP (180g vinyl, white) incl. special vinyl mastering, poster, printed inner sleeves and PVD protection sleeve (500 copies)
– 2CD+DVD Artbook, hardcover, 28×28 cm, 72 pages with additional artwork, texts and English translations of the lyrics plus bonus CD with two songs and bonus DVD with three videos (1.000 copies)


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