The new Negură Bunget song “Tul-nic-că-rînd” (Horn-ing) is taken from the band’s forthcoming album “Zi” which is out September 30 on Prophecy Productions. “Zi” is the middle release of the Transilvanian Trilogy. The video was created by Daniel Dorobantu.

Negru comments of the first track to be unveiled from the album:

NB-ZI“Tul-nic-că-rînd” is a song about sending a message, a message between places, between worlds, between different states of conscience. It all starts from a traditional Romanian instrument called tulnic, which is still being used in the traditional communities a signalling tool, but also quite a lot on the funeral ceremonies. Based on this tradition, and on the overall local funeral ceremonies, where there’s a complex connection between the world of the living and the one of the dead, with actions reflecting between worlds, we developed the song as a kind of language between natural and spiritual dimension, between ceremonies, rituals and silence. Most of our songs can hardly be explained, and this one makes no exception. Although it starts from some concrete elements, it goes a lot further into unknown and mystery, where death is not the end, but merely a transition into another dimension.

The album will be available on some amazing editions:
– CD digipak with extra hard cover
– Gatefold LP (180g vinyl, white) incl. special vinyl mastering, poster, printed inner sleeves and PVD protection sleeve (500 copies)
– 2CD+DVD Artbook, hardcover, 28×28 cm, 72 pages with additional artwork, texts and English translations of the lyrics plus bonus CD with two songs and bonus DVD with three videos (1.000 copies)
– we are also offering some custom handmade editions through our fundraising campaing, where we build a box on your suggestions

– custom editions, signed versions:
We will present live the new album, along with a special anniversary set in a complex tour plan that will spread over the second part of 2016 and all over 2017, with some support for the crowdfungind campaing we have set-up in oder to help us acomplish our goals.
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