Voivod se pregatesc sa lanseze un nou album de studio, intitulat “The Wake”, in luna septembrie prin intermediul Century Media Records. “Obsolete Beings” este primul single de pe album facut public. Tot in luna septembrie, canadienii incep un turneu european si se vor opri si in Romania pentru un show exclusiv la Cluj, gazduit de Flying Circus Pub.

Noul album se inscrie tot in stilul progressive thrash, fiind considerat de membrii trupei ca o continuare naturala a EP-ului “Post-Society” din 2016.

Michel “Away” Langevin, tobarul trupei, a declarat:

“We are thrilled to let you know that our new album, ‘The Wake’, is completed! The music is like a futuristic prog thrash metal trek with many twists and turns, and the story involves the usual Voivodian topics: disasters, chaos, conflicts, strange plots and alternate consciousness. We are excited with the result and can’t wait to get the material out to you this fall! Also, try to catch us when we tour Europe in September and October. It will be a great opportunity for the band to test some songs from our upcoming album.”

Track list-ul “The Wake”:
01. Obsolete Beings
02. The End Of Dormancy
03. Orb Confusion
04. Iconspiracy
05. Spherical Perspective
06. Event Horizon
07. Always Moving
08. Sonic Mycelium

In intampinarea noului album, pe 31 august, Voivod vor lansa un EP pentru piesa “Always Moving”. Materialul contine si o varianta live pentru “Order of the Blackguards”.

Detalii despre concertul Voivod din Cluj: https://www.facebook.com/events/209740166415689/

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